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Is Perth a good place to be a stripper?

Perth is a fascinating and vastly underestimated city. Though I believe it is more suited for living than for visiting, especially for the strippers Perth features, it is absolutely worth seeing regardless of your plans.

The following are some noteworthy facts regarding visiting or residing in Perth, Western Australia’s capital city:

A Metropolis of superlatives

Perth, Australia is the global champion in the following categories:

  • The most remote capital city on the continent 
  • The sunniest capital city
  • The third windiest city

I’m having difficulty reconciling the idea that Perth is closer to Jakarta than Canberra, but it’s true.

Perth receives an average of eight hours of sunlight each day throughout the year. Although it wasn’t particularly windy during my winter visit, it’s rather common for a refreshing sea breeze to blow in during the summer afternoons, a phenomenon residents have dubbed the Fremantle Doctor.

It Is hugely dispersed

This is nothing new, but I am a girl who enjoys movement. I prefer to be able to walk or ride my bike out my door and get where I’m going. In my universe, automobiles are used solely for road trips and never on a daily basis. This is also a good sign for the aspiring well-paid strippers Perth has.

On that point, Perth boasts one of the world’s highest automobile ownership rates. Everyone appears to have a car – which is understandable given Perth’s absurdly spread-out metro region. It stretches north to south for 130 kilometers, from Two Rocks to Singleton. While there are a few railway lines that cross a large chunk of this distance, the likelihood is that you will not be staying within acceptable walking distance of a train station in the suburbs, turning any journey into a bus + train struggle. It’s unsurprising that everyone in Perth drives!

Needless to say, I’ve never been more irritated by a city’s potential for frolicking. Of course, I didn’t let it deter me, but in retrospect, I’d say having a base in Fremantle or the city center is an essential MUST.

Days of beautiful beaches

Excuse me while my eyes glaze over at the prospect of another day of frolicking on Perth’s magnificent white sand beaches.

While most tourists are familiar with Cottesloe Beach, did you realize that Perth has an additional 18 beaches? They are all wonderfully undeveloped and near-empty in winter, even on a brilliant 70F/20C day. Unlike in Sydney, where beaches are enclosed by bays or headlands, Perth’s beaches are mainly linked with no discernible borders. I walked 6 kilometers straight from North Fremantle’s Leighton Beach to Cottesloe Beach, never leaving the beach once.

Perth’s beaches, I’m telling you, are a frolicker’s paradise. And if you like your frolicking to be accompanied by something else, you may surf at Scarborough Beach, BBQ at City Beach, or eat alfresco on Cottesloe Beach’s promenade. As someone looking to become one of the active strippers Perth has, beaches feature as lucrative spots for your stripping services.

And if you have a day to spare while in Perth, you must certainly visit Rottnest Island. Rotto is home to 63 isolated beaches, the most famous of which being The Basin.

Increased prices and wages

Perth’s status as the world’s most remote continental capital city results in somewhat higher costs for products. You’re paying a little bit more to cover the freight and logistical expenses associated with having those products delivered. In Perth, milk costs around 15 cents more per liter than in Sydney and Melbourne. Beer in Perth restaurants may cost up to $3 more than in Sydney eateries. And, worst of all for me, coffee is so costly that it is comparable to the average cup of coffee in London (AU$4.43). If you’re looking to become a stripper, read this

Even worse for visitors, the typical hotel room and three-course dinner in Perth are up to 25% more expensive than in Melbourne or Sydney. You may blame the mining boom for these price increases: while mine employees on inflated incomes can easily buy these items when visiting Perth, visitors may need to spend a bit more carefully.

However, if you live in Perth, the scenario is slightly different. Perth residents earn on average more than residents of other Australian cities, which helps to make the city’s higher cost of living bearable even for the strippers Perth has.

The rivalry between NOR and SOR

Intercity and intracity rivalries are prevalent in Australia, frequently as a result of sports club allegiances. Perthians are instead separated geographically: those who live north of the river (NOR) and those who live south of the river (SOUTH) (SOR). Historically, residents of Perth stayed on their respective sides of the river and seldom crossed it: in part due to the city’s spread and the time necessary to travel around, but also due to the scarcity of bridges that traversed the ultra-wide Swan River.

It is extremely multicultural

Here’s a mind-boggling fact: Almost half of Perth’s population is foreign-born. The majority of its migrants come from the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and its Asian population has been quickly growing in recent years.

However, Perth is not known as a multicultural city because it historically lacked tangible culture, especially in comparison to Sydney or Melbourne. There are few ethnic pockets and few festivals — but Perth does boast the greatest restaurant per capita ratio of any Australian city. What does that say about culture? Unfortunately, I was in hibernation mode and didn’t want to spend any further money until I found work, so I didn’t get to experience much of Perth’s eating scene. However, it is present and plentiful.

Apart from being a lively and varied metropolis, Perth is continuously finding methods to connect cities in important ways. Sister City relationships enable you to learn about other cities through education and events organized by local volunteers and organizations, as well as through cultural exchange programs. Perth is currently twinned with Kagoshima, Japan, Houston, Texas, Rhodes and Megisti, Greece, San Diego, California, Chengdu and Nanjing, China, Vasto, Italy, and Taipei, Taiwan. This makes it a very lively place for the strippers Perth has.

Additionally, Perth is experiencing a cultural revival. To increase interest in athletic and musical events and encourage people to go out on weekends, the government is giving numerous transit perks, including complimentary transportation to football games and free train trips on Friday and Saturday evenings from 12:30am-3am. When I was living in Perth on a temporary basis, the majority of the railway cars I traveled were plastered with posters advertising forthcoming events. With efforts like this and ongoing population expansion, I wouldn’t be shocked if Perth established itself as a multicultural powerhouse.

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